Yacht Refit Management Testimonials

“Ian Gardner was recommended by an industry leading survey company as project manager for the refit of my recently purchased Ketch, built in aluminum by Abeking & Rasmussen some time ago.

The refit quickly turned from a complete restoration into a complete rebuild. At this point I considered Ian’s role to be a potentially very difficult one.

However, his role as manager of finances, people and construction were superb. I soon realized any budget would have been pointless but was reassured with Ian’s responsible attitude towards expenses that money was not spent foolishly. He was completely responsible for the selection of contractors and procurement of all equipment, systems, installations, design and operation.

The technical expertise and experience he provided throughout the refit eventually provided me with a virtually new boat with better systems than I have seen from highly regarded yards, at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time of a truly new build.

Without hesitation I would give Ian my highest recommendation. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with him and, far more important, great fun.”

Martin Best, Yacht Owner

“Ian Gardner was recommended to me by a leading yacht survey company, to act as the owner’s representative during the construction of my new 47m steel and aluminum motor yacht, and consequently hired. It did not take long for me to realize Mr. Gardner’s knowledge and abilities as he soon had informative lists of requests, options and suggestions for both the yard and me to base our decisions on.

It was also obvious that his wealth of experience he has gained as a yacht captain, combined with his boatbuilding and construction skills gives him the ability to make the right choice between what works best for an owner and the operation of his yacht, with the easiest and least expensive option for the yacht builder.

Without doubt, his influence on the construction of my yacht lifted the quality to a higher standard.

I found him to be helpful, professional and honest in his duties and would not have any hesitation in recommending him for a similar project. I wish him the best for his future.”

Carlos Amodio, Yacht Owner

“I have worked closely with Ian Gardner on a major refit of a 120ft GRP motor yacht. Ian came to the refit as project manager in charge of construction, finance, materials and equipment, and in a short space of time he assembled and managed a crew that enthusiastically produced first quality work in both wood and fiberglass/epoxy.

I found Ian to be very easy to work with even in challenging situations. His creative thinking and desire to do the job right were always helpful.

I would not hesitate to ask Ian again to manage a similar project.”

Peter Gimpel, Winchester Naval Architects & Marine Engineer

“It has been a pleasure working with Ian Gardner on one of our designs. We found him very easy to work with while at the same time he always acted in a professional and friendly manner. His knowledge and experience was an asset to the project and we would have no hesitation in recommending him for future work.”

Tam Elder, H2 Yacht Design

“Ian always proved himself to be a very competent captain in all situations.  His cool and calm personality reflected in the operation of our yacht. His ability as a ‘hands on’ engineer was a valuable asset as many of the yachts systems were upgraded and improved by him.

Ian left due to family commitments but will always be welcome as captain aboard any of our boats.”

Thor Knutsen, Yacht Owner

He proved himself at sea in the most difficult of conditions including a passage from New York, Bermuda, Nassau to Miami where, myself included, encountered winds for 2 days’ steady of between 50 and 61 knots.

His engineering skills are very good and he never hesitates to get his hands ‘dirty’ when needed.

His attention to expenses is good as he will always attempt to fix any problem before calling an outside contractor. We would always be ready to have Ian as captain on any vessel we have in the future.”

Henry Harris, Yacht Owner

“I have known Ian Gardner for many years and know him as a great person. I have seen him in all parts of the world at different yachting events and the yachts that he has been captain on have always looked great and run smoothly. I have also had the pleasure of sailing with Ian and he has always been level headed and even tempered.

He has always been a very enthusiastic and capable crew member and I would not hesitate in recommending him for any position.”

Mike Toppa, North Sails President

“In his capacity as captain of the various yachts that have come to our yard for service and repair, Ian Gardner was respected by myself, the service managers and the yard tradesmen for his boat handling skills and the maintenance and upkeep of his yachts, whatever his budget.

He never spent money foolishly on refit projects or upgrades and always wisely looking after the owner’s interests in doing things once and correctly. Ian has shown to be very mechanically capable, only requesting yard assistance as he found necessary to complete a project and always researching the best solutions that would benefit the owner.”

Geoff Prior, Boat Yard Manager Little Harbor Marine

“Ian Gardner was recommended to me by an experienced survey company as a captain to complete the refit of, and captain a 48m motor yacht I had sold to a client. The yacht had previously been chartered extensively and consequently worn out. 

Arriving in Livorno where the yacht was hauled out at the Benetti facility, he found the yacht in many pieces scattered around the boatyard. Without missing a beat, Ian quickly had a scope of work and a schedule together that he presented to all concerned parties. He set a pace that was demanding and expectations that were to be met.

Recognizing his knowledge and experience, the yard and his crew all worked together and had a multimillion dollar refit completed before schedule and in time for a busy charter season. I must mention that the refit did not go without a hiccup, that involved a fire onboard. Again, it was Ian’s ingenuity that quickly overcame the resulting restraints and delays, and he quickly had the refit back on schedule.

Without doubt I am a fan of Ian’s and would not hesitate to recommend him for any refit work and/or captains position.”

Bob Leslie, Northrop & Johnson Yacht Brokerage


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