Yacht Construction Specifications

As the sea either quickly or slowly reveals to us, there is no substitute for quality in the construction or refit of a yacht. There are however budget considerations that we all operate under and within these constraints we decide what design, method, equipment, systems, and materials are best suited to use. Experience alone is the only qualification upon which any decisions can be made when writing specifications or providing advice on yacht construction/refit, equipment, systems, materials, and operation.

yacht-refit-management-yacht-construction-specifications-teaserYacht Refit Management Experience

Yacht Refit Management has been using, testing, replacing, evaluating, and recommending the different options available to use in the many designs and budgets and operations we have been involved in during the last 4 decades and know what works best for what is required.

The development of a yacht’s construction or refit specification becomes the reference or go-to manual, and it contains among many items, reference describing standards of quality, manufacturer names of equipment and materials through to the expected operating parameters of the yacht. It is an all-encompassing document that dictates the appearance, operation and durability of the finished project. It therefore requires an experienced and qualified builder who knows how to coordinate strict adherence to its contents, who is also an operator/captain who uses his sea going experience to know what works and does not work and is able to make decisions, substitutions, modifications and change where necessary and/or improve where possible.

The Yacht Refit Management Approach

Yacht Refit Management maintains a pragmatic approach in our work and like to lean towards proven methods, the KISS (Keep It Simple and Safe) acronym as an example. We understand and work with the desires of owners and captains as well as the demands of engineers and builders.

Yacht Refit Management is an ABYC certified company who use and follow their standards and guide in small yacht system designs, configurations and requirements in and outside of the USA.

We monitor compliance and adherence to Coast Guard Agencies, insurance companies, Port Control, Classification Societies, and market trends. We are also familiar and have experience with the MCA Large Yacht Code 2 and 3, and through our experience of being operators, work with MLC regulations when crew requirements need addressing.


Yacht Refit Management delivers a wide range of experience, qualifications, and results in the project management of yacht refit and new yacht construction, yacht repairs and yacht operation on all types of yachts. Yacht Refit Management offers yacht project management services to owners, brokers, designers, and captains.