Yacht Refit Management Sea Trials

Everything on a yacht works well in the marina but somehow fails immediately when the owner steps aboard, or at 03:00 during a Force 6. Owners and operators know these scenarios all too well. At that point it can either be an embarrassing mistake, a career defining moment, or an issue resulting in a hasty all hands effort to contain the failure followed later by further repairs, accusations, responsibilities. and sometimes litigation.

YRM works to eliminate any mistakes, yacht-refit-management-sea-trialsissues, and possible failures by performing extensive post refit and new construction sea trials with our knowledge and hands on experience.

We test and monitor all systems, equipment, and known areas of potential stress and failures. We load up, increase demands, pressurize, over exert, redline, and push the limits on all operating systems and equipment that we know they need to be capable of until we and the owner and/or operator are satisfied.

Sanitation systems, A/V systems, A/C systems, satellite communications, generator loads, tender cranes, exhaust back pressures, along with a myriad of other common potential issues are all thoroughly tested and evaluated before delivery to the owner and captain.

YRM organizes and provides all the necessary certifications and documents required by Flag State registration administrators including commercial registration requirements. We arrange, organize and establish companies that meet the owner’s desires and requirements for the administration of yacht ownership.


Yacht Refit Management delivers a wide range of experience, qualifications, and results in the project management of yacht refit and new yacht construction, yacht repairs and yacht operation on all types of yachts. Yacht Refit Management offers yacht project management services to owners, brokers, designers, and captains.