New Build Management Services

There are not many structures that require the amount of design, systems, equipment, products and intensive labor to build as a yacht. These are all reflected in their cost, while understandably, yacht builders are in business to make a profit. Yacht builders sign an agreement to build a mega yacht that will meet the new owner’s standards and requirements that allegedly match their capabilities and intentions. Often, once construction has begun, these standards and requirements drift apart. Substandard workmanship, poor quality materials and equipment, together with inadequate yacht project management during the yacht construction could not be more detrimental to a product other than a yacht. Operating in an environment that is corrosive, destructive, demanding and often remote, a motor yacht requires all the durability, reliability and dependability as possible from proper workmanship, superior materials and quality equipment. Neglecting any of these will result in a product compromised in operation and yacht-refit-management-new-buildquality that delivers low expectations and value along with a disappointing investment.

Additionally, a custom yacht yard may not be familiar with a better method, design, product or execution of what is required and many yacht owners also have particular requirements and standards that are outside of the yard’s normal scope of construction that they want met and demand. These factors must all be addressed, managed, and monitored to produce the result the yacht owner expects, and that the boat yard has contracted to deliver.

Custom Yacht Construction Project Management

Just as a referee is used in sports as someone who knows how to play the game, who knows the rules and is able to deliver a fair result with a favorable outcome to the winner, an onsite qualified and experienced yacht project manager or yacht owner’s representative is required in the boat yard to represent the owner’s interests, but who also fully understands the complications of construction and boat yard yacht-refit-management-vacumn-baggingcosts along with the required knowledge of operation at sea. Yacht Refit Management provides both of these and utilizes the thousands of hours of knowledge gained in the classroom and boat yard experience together with the thousands of miles of experience gained at sea, to advise, inspire, direct and manage those with limited experience in either. Altogether, a proven and winning combination that works in synchronization with yacht builders, yacht owners, and yacht operators that has delivered yachts meeting and exceeding all expectations.

Prior to, and during custom yacht construction, Yacht Refit Management is able to recognize any potential issues or changes required and work with the boat yard, yacht owner, captain, and engineer in finding acceptable solutions. Focusing on the yacht’s all-encompassing build specification, class/flag regulations and yacht owner’s requirements are paramount in monitoring and reporting on the progress of construction and govern the subsequent release of funds at predetermined mile stone payments.

Yacht Refit Management controls and negotiates any costs associated with owner specified change orders along with any tradeoffs on deleted or additional requirements. In the pursuit of perfection and function, Yacht Refit Management recognizes and liaises with known specialists including electrical, coatings, interior design, satellite communications, audio/visual, class surveyors etc.

Yacht Refit Management works with and advises on compliance with the following governing bodies, regulations and administrators of yacht construction and operation:

  • MARPOL: International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution

  • MLC: Marine Labor Convention

  • SOLAS: Safety of Life at Sea

  • ABYC: American Boat & Yacht Council

  • SAMS: Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

  • LCYC: Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2/LY3)

  • Classification Societies: (LR, BV, RINA, ABS, DNV,)

  • ISM: International Safety management

  • ISPS: International code for the security of Ships and Port Facilities

  • CLL: Convention on Load Lines

  • ITC: International Convention on Tonnage


Yacht Refit Management delivers a wide range of experience, qualifications, and results in the project management of yacht refit and new yacht construction, yacht repairs and yacht operation on all types of yachts. Yacht Refit Management offers yacht project management services to owners, brokers, designers, and captains.