Yacht Refit Management Marine Surveys

YRM is an accredited marine survey company and a member of SAMS. Our comprehensive yachting experience enables us to know exactly where to look, how to determine, what to recommend, and how to evaluate the condition, standard and value of a yacht for owners, insurance companies, banks and brokers.

We perform the following surveys:

  • New Construction

    Prior to, and during construction, YRM are able to recognize any potential issues or changes required and work with the yard, owner, captain and engineer in finding acceptable solutions.

  • Pre purchase

    We test and monitor all systems, equipment and known areas of potential stress and failures. We load up, increase demands, pressurize, over exert, redline, and push the limits on all operating systems and equipment that we know they need to be capable of until we and the owner and/or operator are satisfied.

  • Appraisals

    YRM does not provide smart guesses, abbreviate estimates or prepare intimidating quotes. Hands on experience and knowledge are both absolutely paramount and no computer program, flow chart or formula can provide a substitution. Our experience in the yacht refit market has shown us that improving a yachts size, systems, operation or appearance does not necessarily reflect in an improved market value. Therefore, we know it is smart to look at projected costs and perceived values before, during and after any proposed refit work, attempting to eliminate any late surprises.

  • Insurance

    We monitor compliance and adherence to Coast Guard Agencies, Insurance companies, Port Control, Classification Societies along with market trends.

  • Damage

    Knowledge and experience in how the original structure was or should have been put together, along with the same in methods, materials, design, equipment, systems and the use, type and amount of labor to use in dismantling and reconstruction is an absolute requirement.

  • Maintenance

    Experience alone is the only qualification upon which any decisions can be made when writing specifications or providing advice on yacht construction/refit, maintenance, equipment, systems, materials and operation. YRM has been using, testing, replacing, evaluating and recommending the different options available to use in the many designs and budgets and operations we have been involved in during the last 4 decades and know what works best for what is required.


Yacht Refit Management delivers a wide range of experience, qualifications, and results in the project management of yacht refit and new yacht construction, yacht repairs and yacht operation on all types of yachts. Yacht Refit Management offers yacht project management services to owners, brokers, designers, and captains.