Yacht Refit Management

How a refit contributes to the final expected  appearance and operation of a yacht is inspired, directed, and managed by Yacht Refit Management, a cost effective and commonsense requirement for a successful refit.

New Build Management

With over forty years in the marine industry Ian Gardner, an Accredited Marine Surveyor (SAMS), delivers a wide range of experience, knowledge, qualifications, and proven results in the project management of refit and new construction.

Marine Surveys

Yacht Refit Management’s comprehensive yachting experience enables us to know exactly where to look, how to determine, and how to evaluate the condition, standard and value of your yacht.

What Our Clients Say

Dismantling a previously built yacht and discovering the uncompleted, worn out, decayed, corroded, and other surprise, and then having to decide what can remain or be used again versus replacement can certainly be daunting to a yacht builder and certainly a taxing experience for the yacht owner. Additionally, it becomes a further challenge when a budget and completion date have been set that are unaware of these undiscovered projects.

At this point, there is no one better to use than a qualified and experienced yacht builder and operator. Just as you would not hire a real estate broker to supervise your house renovation, you don’t want a yacht broker or yacht management company to oversee… READ MORE

There are not many structures that require the amount of design, systems, equipment, products and intensive labor to build as a yacht. These are all reflected in their cost, while understandably, yacht builders are in business to make a profit. Yacht builders sign an agreement to build a mega yacht that will meet the new owner’s standards and requirements that allegedly match their capabilities and intentions.

Often, once construction has begun, these standards and requirements drift apart. Substandard workmanship, poor quality materials and equipment, together with inadequate yacht project management during the yacht construction could not be more detrimental to a product other than a yacht. Operating in an environment that is corrosive, destructive… READ MORE

Everything on a yacht works well in the marina but somehow fails immediately when the owner steps aboard, or at 03:00 during a Force 6. Owners and operators know these scenarios all too well. At that point it can either be an embarrassing mistake, a career defining moment, or an issue resulting in a hasty all hands effort to contain the failure followed later by further repairs, accusations, responsibilities. and sometimes litigation.

YRM works to eliminate any mistakes, issues, and possible failures by performing extensive post refit and new construction sea trials with our knowledge and hands on experience… READ MORE

As the sea either quickly or slowly reveals to us, there is no substitute for quality in the construction or refit of a yacht. There are however budget considerations that we all operate under and within these constraints we decide what design, method, equipment, systems, and materials are best suited to use.

Experience alone is the only qualification upon which any decisions can be made when writing specifications or providing advice on yacht construction/refit, equipment, systems, materials, and operation… READ MORE

YRM is an accredited marine survey company and a member of SAMS. Our comprehensive yachting experience enables us to know exactly where to look, how to determine, what to recommend, and how to evaluate the condition, standard and value of a yacht for owners, insurance companies, banks and brokers.

We perform the following surveys: New Construction, Pre-Purchase, Insurance… READ MORE


Yacht Refit Management delivers a wide range of experience, qualifications, and results in the project management of yacht refit and new yacht construction, yacht repairs and yacht operation on all types of yachts. Yacht Refit Management offers yacht project management services to owners, brokers, designers, and captains.